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Tour the Galaxy is a mission that requires the player to race around the Alpha and Beta Quadrants within the 15 minute time limit. This guide uses a suggested route for Federation and Federation-aligned characters, which can be completed in under 15 minutes, allowing for a couple of mistakes. While there are a few ways of completing the tour, this guide will focus on one which is proven to do both Quadrants within the time limit Tour the Galaxy / Targak's Challenge is a daily mission in which you are charged to explore every Sector Block in the game. 1 Synopsis 2 Mission text 2.1 Federation 2.2 Klingon 3 NPCs 3.1 Federation 3.2 Klingon Empire 4 Accolades 5 Walkthrough 6 Notes Starting and ending at Earth / Qo'noS the..

A guide to getting the best from the 'Tour the Galaxy' mission in Star Trek Online.All rights respected, this video is for entertainment purposes only and al.. Tour the Galaxy is a Star Trek Online mission that asks a player to fly to as many star systems as they can in a 15 minute window. The available systems are specified by the mission and the more of them a player reaches, the better the rewards. However, there is not enough time to easily fly to them all. A few strategies can be employed to increase ship speed, but this page focuses on the algorithmic problem of devising the shortest travel route between the systems

This video shows how to put together an all free to play Tour the Galaxy budget build (NO C-Store ship) and the route Make 1.85M EC in 30 with 2 characters This is great, I really like your Tour the Galaxy Completion Guide, I'll try it for sure once I get a free 200k fledits (currently my fresh character needs much more important items from the fleet vendors for a basic ship). But if we are at earning free EC, the crafting is probably the easiest way. Crafting stack of Focusing Lens (or any low tier component) from 3 Trionium and 2 Hydrazine Gases, that both cost maybe 150 ec for a single Lens and the usual price on Exchange for the. Galaxy Tour - Season 14.5 Victory is Life Multi-Mission Explorer T5U with set bonus for Chroniton-Integrated Slipstream (60 seconds, Turn rate set to 12) M.A.C.O. TLDR; 1) Ship with 60 second slipstream, any items that reduce slipstream cooldown

Tour the Galaxy 2018 Updated Map. Here's the map. It's fully up to date for 2018, as of August 2018. It's pretty much based on sarysa 's minimalist poor man's map but with an alternate path for ships with a gamma synergistic core, and prettier. Everyone starts (at least) 3LY away from the Mizar System There is probably a guide on this somewhere, but as far as I know, a Miracle worker ship and the gamma rep warp core. You'll also want the polaric modulator from Delta Flight. If you have the Legendary Intrepid, you can use its trait for ez mode results Anyway..this is my first attempt to make a fast ship for Tour the Galaxy: Skill Planner - STO Academy Plan your character's skill for Star Trek Online before doing them in the game Avoid the problem of your ship going all the way up to a system and stopping just short of it by clicking the system on the map to guide your ship to it, then Using a traveling salesman algorithm to find optimal solutions to Tour the Galaxy mission in Star Trek Online. 23 Mar 2017 1 Mar 2017 This guide uses a suggested route for Federation and Federation-aligned characters, which can be completed in under 15 minutes, allowing for a couple of mistakes. While there are a few ways of completing. Step One: Procure KDF Character and level to 50. Step Two: Obtain 10 Blue (or better) Conn Officer Doffs, 10 Blue or better Security Officer Doffs, 5 Blue or better Assault Squad Specialist Doffs, 7 Blue or better Operations Doffs (Type doesn't matter), 3 Quartermaster Doffs

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  1. Settings to create well known aliens. Choosing a Ship. Learn about different ships and how to choose one. Duty Officers. Explains what they are and how to use them. Fleet Holdings. Get information about the fleet holdings. Weapons. Learn about different weapons and what they do
  2. If you just want one for Tour the Universe, then a Mk X version is totally sufficient. You should have one purple Astrometrics Duty Officer on active Space Duty to reduce your Transwarp Cooldown. You should have done Tour the Univere regularly once to gain the Well Travelled Accolade and the trait the reduces your Transwarp Cooldown even further
  3. STO 101 - Duty Officer System Overview Beginners Guide Star Trek Online April 8, 202
  4. With The Solanae Warp Core, Polaric Modulator and Assimilated Engines all at just Mk XII, plus the Sector Speed unlock choice at 5 skill points spent in Science, a good route and perhaps a little practice, you should be able to finish the tour in the allotted time. That is if Lieutenant Ferra doesn't hail you with a commendation increase from the xp that you get doing it. This happens way too often on my newer alts that run this <grumbles>

A Galaxy Class Cruiser has 2 Tactical console slots, to make the most of your phaser damage you could fill these slots with Phaser Relays. at captain lvl the Mk VIII common phaser relay increases the potency of your phasers by 16.9%, and that just one of them so instead of doing your normal 100% Damage you doing instead 116.9 Tour the galaxy is a star trek online mission that asks a player to fly to as many star systems as they can in a 15 minute window. The home of the stellar cartography for the star trek universe based on the star trek star charts. At the centre is the united federation of planets which borders now that the Sector Walls have fallen, Tour the Galaxy have changed a bit. In the past, you needed to visit each Sector Block to get the Energy Credits, that we all want and need. However, this has changed now. You are required to visit certain System. You do not enter same, it is sufficient to scratch the Orbit of its outmost planet. In essence, the overall strategy changed. I encourage you. here is our suggestion for the latest version from the mighty Galaxy-Class. Follow the steps from Picard and write your own Story! Skilltree: Boffs: For Beam Overload: For Fire at Will: For Fire at Will + Torpedo: Doffs (for all builds)

Today I took a couple of spins around the galaxy in my fully Borg Assault Cruiser. It was the first time I had tried the tour of the universe, it was a lot of fun. I manually piloted the hairpin turns which was probably not the best way to do it. But I still made Continue reading » Tags: daily, energy credits, events, Federation, missions, star trek online, sto, Tour the universe. Today I took a couple of spins around the galaxy in my fully Borg Assault Cruiser. It was the first time I had tried the tour of the universe, it was a lot of fun. I manually piloted the hairpin turns which was probably not the best way to do it. But I still made two full laps quite easily, and almost made the third. I have been told that you can do 4 with a perfect run so I am sure there is. Doing Tour The Galaxy. Doing Tour The Galaxy is a slow, but dependable way to earn EC. But to build up a lot of EC doing this mission is still going to take a long time. Not recommend for any character less than level 50 (Admiral), because the reward for visiting each planet increases for every rank up to Admiral at which point you get 25k EC. Tour the Galaxy Build; Giveaway T&C; YouTube Feed. DPRM Alternative The Next Best Thing - Star Trek Online April 13, 2021. Temer Alliance Raider Advanced Build - Star Trek Online April 13, 2021. STO 101 - Mail Bank Exchange How To Beginners Guide - Star Trek Online April 10, 2021. STO 101 - Duty Officer System Overview Beginners Guide Star Trek Online April 8, 2021. STO 101 - Bridge Officer. Tour the Galaxy. Tour of the Galaxy required a change with this complete overhaul of Sector Space. Now, instead of flying into a sector, you will have to fly to a specific planet to complete each exploration task. We're aware that this will take longer to do, so to compensate, we've increased the time limit in Tour of the Galaxy.

Tour the Galaxy; Starship Comparison; Daily LORE mission answers; Copy character to Tribble; Game visuals FOV by Thomas CrypticCat Marone; Builds. Cookie-cutter Starter Ship Builds; Paradoxical's Mechanics Guide; Suko's Starter Supplies; Free Gear and Where to Get it; Reddit - math/damage categories - delves into mechanics and types (Category 1 or 2 etc) Reddit - Personal Space. This series is a complete walkthrough of every major system in Star Trek Online. Reputation System, Duty Officer System, Admiralty System, Research and Development, Fleets, Upgrading and Re-Engineering etc. Every player, new and veteran, will find this series a valuable source of information, tips and tricks. You may even learn something new To celebrate exclusively we have put together a small and intimate club tour around Europe this fall. Tickets will go on sale this Friday morning at 10.00 am, keep an eye on this space! Can't WAiT to see you all, hopefully more places coming up (all around the world )time will tell OCTOBER Thu 10 DE, Hamburg, @molotowclub Fri 11 DE, Berlin, @musikundfrieden Tue 22 UK, London, @100club.

After reading this guide, you should be armed with a lot of the information you need on how to launch your own STO. To maximize the buzz around your STO, gain investment and to stay relevant Post-STO, you should definitely have a conversation with us here at GuerillaBuzz. We will help to make sure your STO, blows up and gets the exposure it. Sto tour the galaxy map. Notes edit edit source. In the past you needed to visit each sector block to get the energy credits that we all want and need. This guide is up to. Accolades edit source there are no accolades specific to this mission. Sto academy forum star trek online sto episodes tfos tour the universe earn up to 2 million energycredits. You do not enter same it is sufficient to. Tour the Galaxy: 6: Talk to Jay Yim / Targak to start the Tour the Galaxy mission. Visit 6 systems before time runs out. Once you start, you have 15 minutes to complete your tour. The more systems you visit, the greater your rewards. You can (also) start this mission by going to your journal and clicking the Available tab, then clicking on Tour the Galaxy (Daily) NASA.gov brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind

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  3. Best Boffs for STO + damage resistance percentage. dobbyswag Member Posts: 9 Arc User. March 2015 edited March 2015 in The Academy. Hello guys, usually I was able to find all the info that I need here but I'm still confused on a couple things. First of all, I was wondering what were the best all around boffs to use. I do not want to buy new boff slots so I figure that I'm going to need to.

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  1. The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E (or Enterprise-E, to distinguish it from prior and later starships with the same name) is a fictional starship in the Star Trek franchise. A Sovereign-class starship, it appears in the films Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek: Nemesis, where it serves as the primary setting.It is the sixth Federation starship to carry the name.
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  5. in Re: A Brave New Galaxy on May 28, 2017, 02:40:49 PM Child Boards: Sematary's Community Game, Erik's Astra Imperia Fiction: Tactics . Discussions on tactics in Astra Imperia. 2 Posts 2 Topics Last post by Erik L in Astra Imperia Weapons on March 17, 2009, 05:54:09 PM Rules . Discussions on rules in Astra Imperia. 99 Posts 27 Topics Last post by Erik L in Re: Political Capital on April 18.
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